Release notes

We release new versions of our applications on a regular basis. Every release comes with bug fixes and detail enhancements as well as very often also new features. Read here what has changed in the most recent version.

DEVONagent Express 3.9.6

This maintenance release adds new plugins for the privacy-focused search engine StartPage as well as for searching PDFs with Google. It also better handles dates and refines support for Google Chrome bookmarks.

NOTE: Starting with this release DEVONagent Express requires OS X Mavericks or later.


  • Google (PDF) and StartPage plugins added.


  • Plugins updated: DuckDuckGo, Computer Science > ACM Digital Library, Medical > PubMed, References > SEC, Science > IEEE Xplore, Social Networking > Twitter.
  • Retrieving of dates improved if neither the metadata nor the server returned a date for a result.
  • Date of search results doesn't abbreviate the year anymore.
  • Date parser improved.
  • Better support for Google Chrome bookmarks.
  • Help > Report Bug provides more information.
  • Matching of query terms optimized.
  • Better check for updates.
  • Better console logging.
  • Better overall reliability and performance.


  • Issues related to moving DEVONagent Express to the Applications folder, especially on macOS Sierra.


  • Obsolete plugins: Blekko, Google Scholar (Legal Opinions & Journals).