Release notes

We release new versions of our applications on a regular basis. Every release comes with bug fixes and detail enhancements as well as very often also new features. Read here what has changed in the most recent version.

DEVONthink To Go 2.4

This update adds support for the iPhone X, new editors, and workflow improvements. PDF pages can be rearranged and rotated and sheets with table-like data can not only be viewed but now also created and edited. The Info sheet can change flags and labels for more than one document at once, e.g., for quickly marking multiple items as read.

DEVONthink To Go captures office documents from web pages and imports multiple databases from sync stores at the same time. This makes adding all relevant databases to a new device more comfortable. Finally, version 2.4 uses clipboard content for new documents only on demand and comes with more reliably Files app support. The update improves the overall performance, too, and fixes a number of bugs and glitches.


  • PDF editor for adding, moving, rotating, and deleting pages (requires the Pro Package).
  • Sheets can be created and edited (requires the Pro Package).
  • The Info sheet can be used for multiple selected items too, e.g., for changing their flag, label, or read status.


  • iPhone X support.
  • Documents, e.g. Word or Pages files, can be captured.
  • When creating a new document the clipboard content is only used on demand.
  • Documents are now marked as read when navigating away from them, not immediately.
  • Search fields support TextExpander.
  • Databases added to's favorites now appear inside the app too.
  • no longer lists Mac smart groups.
  • Databases are now sorted case-independently.
  • The Restore purchases button is only active when not all available products are purchased.
  • Paths to local resources are now resolved smarter.
  • The Locked icon is colored so that it more obvious.
  • Item names are more thorougly normalized.
  • Improved reliability of support.
  • Improved user interface responsiveness when changing document properties and building the groups and documents list.
  • Improved rebuilding of the tag cache.

Improved (Sync)

  • It's now possible to import multiple databases at once.
  • When a preferred sync location isn't available to download a pending item the next best available location is used.
  • More efficient sync after merging records, e.g., ordinary tags, static groups or indexed cloud folders.
  • Entering of URLs containing credentials is supported.
  • Validating WebDAV URLs is less picky and therefore accepts hosts without a dot.
  • Improved reliability of sync status.
  • Improved garbage collection of sync stores, speeds up verifying or committing syncs.
  • Improved connections for sync locations.
  • Improved sync credentials handling.
  • Improved error logging and handling.
  • Improved overall reliability and performance.


  • Fixed an issue where an item link without page parameter didn't show the PDF at its last reading position.
  • Fixed an issue where autosaving documents, e.g., before synchronizing, would end editing mode or close the Info sheet.
  • Fixed an issue where background job notifications could show a (way) too high number of documents.
  • Fixed an issue where cancelling the import of a protected database wouldn't reset its switch.
  • Fixed an issue where changing e.g the label of a group could cause long delays.
  • Fixed an issue where changing flags wouldn't always work.
  • Fixed an issue where databases could apparently be duplicated in
  • Fixed an issue where documents created by URL commands were not added to the search index.
  • Fixed an issue where downloading PDF files with percent-escaped file names didn't work.
  • Fixed an issue where drawing PDF annotations with the Apple Pencil looked jagged and skewed.
  • Fixed an issue where email messages couldn't be zoomed.
  • Fixed an issue where found terms inside of PDFs were not always highlighted properly.
  • Fixed an issue where informative notifications appeared behind popovers.
  • Fixed an issue where item lists reloaded rows unnecessarily.
  • Fixed an issue where linked images in Markdown documents wouldn't load.
  • Fixed an issue where preparing for reindexing would log many (harmless) error messages.
  • Fixed an issue where reindexing documents without on-board-indexing cleared their searchable text from the index.
  • Fixed an issue where saving the PDF reading position didn't work.
  • Fixed an issue where some email messages wouldn't show correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where some icons were not optimized for the 3x resolution.
  • Fixed an issue where some images imported via Clip to DEVONthink had a wrong or apparently missing geolocation.
  • Fixed an issue where some text wasn't localized to German.
  • Fixed an issue where special items, e.g., the Tags or Trash groups, could apparently be moved in
  • Fixed an issue where tags could be visited in but showed no content.
  • Fixed an issue where the &page= parameter of item links didn't work for PDFs.
  • Fixed an issue where the Always/On-demand button in the Info sheet was sometimes displaced.
  • Fixed an issue where the Clean dialog sheet of sync locations was awkwardly positioned.
  • Fixed an issue where the detail view showed "Detail" as title when no document was selected.
  • Fixed an issue where the document toolbar items would vanish when rotating on iPhone Plus.
  • Fixed an issue where the file size was shown incorrectly in Spotlight.
  • Fixed an issue where the new document assistant could become partially hidden in split screen mode on iPad.
  • Fixed an issue where the preview of Markdown documents wasn't refreshed after editing.
  • Fixed an issue where the size of grid view items wasn't always updated correctly when rotating the device.
  • Fixed an issue where the software keyboard didn't always show for plain text documents.
  • Fixed an issue where the toolbar of the database screen wasn't always restored on launch.
  • Fixed an issue where, e.g., synchronization would randomly fail due to miscalculated internal paths.
  • Fixed a potential crash in the rich text editor.
  • Fixed a crash related to capturing webarchives.
  • Fixed a crash related to executing URL commands.
  • Fixed a crash related to the PDF toolbar buttons.
  • Fixed a crash related to the progress display.
  • Fixed a crash related to updating item lists.
  • Fixed a crash related to updating the icon badge.

Fixed (Sync)

  • Fixed an issue where an interrupted sync may not sync metadata.
  • Fixed an issue where requesting pending records didn't work if the preferred location wasn't accessible.
  • Fixed an issue where sync uploaded metadata unnecessarily after downloading a pending record.