Our business principles

DEVONtechnologies is progress-driven, user-oriented, and responsibility-focused. We want to deliver the best solutions and best-of-class service and support. Quality always trumps quantity.

While developing and selling high-end software with top personnel, our goal is to bring responsible action and responsibility for people and the environment together. Working on our team is as enjoyable as using the software created, and the impact on the environment is minimal.

Contact us if you have any questions about how we do business.


  • We make high-end applications.
  • We listen to customer feedback and suggestions; we implement what makes sense and is true to our vision for our apps.
  • We communicate many of our plans and intentions; for development and competitive reasons, we don't communicate all of them.
  • We don't communicate release dates as unforeseen problems may cause delays.
  • We do promotions; we don't announce them unless that is part of the promotion concept; we don't extend them unless there is a significant error that is our fault (see Fairness).


  • We try to treat all people fair and equal, whether they are our customers or not.
  • Our prices are reasonably calculated and not open to individual negotiations; we give discounts to students, educators, and many NPOs.
  • We reply to every direct inquiry; we don't necessarily reply to every message in our user forum. We never close issues by ignoring them.
  • We don't moderate skeptical comments in the forum or on the blog unless they're insulting, morally questionable, or illegal.


  • We store customer information solely for providing support, e.g for resending license codes, or for granting free or price-reduced upgrades.
  • We never share this information with anyone outside of the company, neither for money nor for other reasons.
  • We use a locally installed copy Piwik to get some insight into our website traffic but encourage you to block it using Ghostery or similar extensions if you are uneasy with this. Our Piwik installation stores your IP address anonymized and honors DoNotTrack. It does not provide any data to third parties.
  • We do not track app usage or receive any other data from installed copies of our apps.
  • We receive anonymized app usage data from the App Stores from customers who opted to share it.


  • We charge for our software but we offer multiple editions for every budget.
  • We offer free trial versions of our software and a two week refund policy.
  • We charge only the price difference for upgrades from one edition to the others.
  • We charge a reasonable price for major upgrades (like 1.x to 2.x) but we don't charge for minor updates.
  • We always offer upgrade options, you will never need to re-purchase for the full price.
  • We don't ask for 'handling fees'.
  • We have long grace periods but we don't extend them individually unless there is a significant error that is our fault (see Fairness).