Search the Web Better

DEVONagent for Mac

Give your research a boost with the smartest search assistant for the Mac. DEVONagent searches multiple sources and frees you from manually sorting the wheat from the chaff. With its scheduled searches it even keeps you updated on what's going on in the world.

DEVONagent connects to as many search engines as you want, collects the data, and removes the junk that managed to slip through. It also scans your favorite websites and notifies you when it finds something that matches your query. DEVONagent can even do all of this while you’re sleeping. The results will be ready before you pour your first cup of coffee.

Use advanced search operators and filters.

DEVONagent filters everything on its own. Use advanced Boolean operators, proximity operators, and wildcards of unlimited complexity even when the search engines can’t handle them. DEVONagent finds, e.g., galleries or linked documents for you too. Its unique See Also list lets you dig deeper.

Visualize search results and see connections.

Read a smart summary of the results, go through them one by one, or explore them with the topics map. Archive the good ones, discard the others. DEVONagent’s web browser, built for research, lets you extract images, news feeds, links, email addresses, even linked documents, with a single click and save them for reference or reuse.

Turn your search results into something new.

The searchable archive keeps your results for reference. Alternatively send them to DEVONthink or save them as files. DEVONagent exports your research in a variety of formats, from a simple list of bookmarks to comprehensive RTF digests and PDF reports. Save your search to continue later on or share it with your coworkers.

Those who dare seek, shall find what they are seeking for.

Lailah Gifty Akita

Choose Your Flavor

DEVONagent comes in three editions tailored at different needs, workflows, and budgets.

DEVONagent Pro

This is the search assistant that does it all: Search multiple sources, scan web pages, and filter the results. It’s the edition with the topics map, built-in archive, and export options. And it can be automated.

DEVONagent Express

Like Spotlight for the web: Search with the power of DEVONagent, directly from the menu bar. Click its menu icon or press its keyboard shortcut, and start typing. See it in action. DEVONagent Express is included in Pro.

DEVONagent Lite

Don’t want to spend money yet? Try this one. It opens the search result page without having you switch to your browser first. Simple and free.