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We want to make a difference. If you are a student or educator, or you work voluntarily for a charity, we support you with discounts on our products.

Use the email address given to you by your organization and provide us with a proof that you are a full-time student or educator, or that you work for the organization named above. Examples are, e.g., a photo of your student ID card or a letter that shows your affiliation or full-time student status.

The organization, your name, your affiliation, and the expiration date must be legible. The maximum file size is 10 MB. If your organization doesn’t provide you with an email address, contact us.

I confirm that I'm a student at or staff of the organization named above. I am using an email address given to me by the organization and the document clearly shows my affiliation to the organization.

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Non-Profit Organizations

We support non-profit organizations in the sense of charities in the following fields: children aid, human aid, ecology, wild life protection, and renewable energy sources.

This offer does not include educational institutes, universities, colleges, or public healthcare, but is targeted at organizations with volunteers operating as charities.

We don’t give discounts to NPOs that sell products or services or are paid for by the government. Also, we don’t support religious organizations.