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Take a Hike

25. September 2018 — Jim Neumann

Our world is full of extraordinarily beautiful places, many set aside and protected from development for people to enjoy nature undisturbed. While not the only country with beautiful national parks, the US, with its varied habitats over three million square miles (eight million square kilometers), has many of its own. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a resource for park information?

Recreational Equipment International (REI), one of the world’s foremost outdoor outfitters, has released an iOS application providing information about many US national parks. Beautifully presented, it provides information like weather charts, local food and lodging, family-friendly features, photos from visitors, and even some known hiking paths. There are currently 50 parks covered and more to come! It’s a fantastic resource for planning a trip, or even just dreaming about one! Check it out at: REI Co-op National Parks.

P.S. This is a personal recommendation. We are not affiliated with REI in any way.