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A Sandals Moment

16. November 2006 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

Many of you who are using our software now for a long time know that we’re sensible to today’s major problems, among them the unequal distribution of resources (leading to poverty and starvation in a rich world) and the destruction of our planet through pollution. So, some may ask, where are these sandal moments? Buried in commercialism? No, by no means. Here’s one again: We have just switched our electricity provider from traditional power, which is nuclear power here, to hydro-electric power. It’s environment friendly, does it not produce any waste, and, best of all, it’s cheaper, too. So, the DEVONtechnologies servers are now powered by a small hydro-electric 3 million kWh power station located just about 300 meters from here. It was build right after the second world war and was completely modernized just four years ago. By night, it’s even nicely illuminated!

So my tip: Check with your local electricity supplier if they offer environment-friendly power. With a bit of luck you can even save some money while being nice to nature at the same time!