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Create Custom Icons

31. Juli 2018 — Jim Neumann

Day in and day out, we look at the same apps and folders on our machines. Same stuff, different day. To make things a little “more my own”, we like to personalize our computers with things like desktop wallpapers. But another way we can add some flair, and arguably visual distinction, to our user experience is with custom icons.

A nice utility for quick icon creation is available from the fine folks at Shiny Frog, the makers of the popular Bear application. Image2Icon allows you to drag and drop an image and choose from some preset styles to create a nice looking icon. You can even create an icon with text or an emoji. Then drag a folder from the Finder into the interface to apply that icon to it.

In the free version of the app, you can export an ICNS file for use with DEVONthink’s groups or files. Open the file in Preview and select Edit > Copy to get the image on the clipboard. Then follow these simple instructions to apply the icon to a file in your database: Tuesday Tip: Custom Icons in DEVONthink.

An in-app purchase is available to unlock more icon masks and export options, but the free version is still useful for some quick icon creation. Have fun and make your Mac your own!