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DEVONagent 3.9.1 and DEVONsphere Express 1.8.3

9. April 2015 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

Stack Overflow and GitHub are the places to be for developers on the web. DEVONagent 3.9.1 adds plugins for both and finds code and answers with precision. And if you’re less interested in developing and more in cooking — and who doesn’t like great food? — there’s a brand new recipe scanner. Get code snippets and top secret guacamole recipes delivered straight to the search window. You don’t even have to visit the web pages.

DEVONsphere Express, our context-aware assistant, now searches ebooks, too. It’s also up to ten percent faster than the previous version, more precise, and it handles defective files more gracefully.

Read the full news here. We recommend these free updates to all users. Get the new versions directly by using the apps’ update function or our Download page. If you purchased DEVONagent or DEVONsphere on the App Store, use the App Store application to update your copy.