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DEVONagent Saving a Guppy's Life

20. April 2008 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

Today I had a success experience with DEVONagent that nicely shows where our software really shines, and so I wanted to share it with you. We have an aquarium now for a couple of weeks and three days ago a few of our fishes began to first show signs of “eaten” fins, then they died. Therefore I used DEVONagent today to find out what is wrong with them. Both our pet shop guy and our booklets had their suspections but, working for DEVONtechnologies, I had to start researching on my own, too. I used the following query and the standard Internet (Fast Scan) search set:

(guppy OR guppies) NEAR (fin NEAR/2 rot) NEAR/20 (remedy OR treatment)

DEVONagent delivered eleven documents and the above topics map — including a some very clear instructions on self-diagnosis and possible treatments. I have not visited a single web page, the topics map and the digest delivered all necessary information right away. Of course I archived this search run for future reference.