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OCR is Back — and Better than Ever Before

13. Februar 2009 —

After two weeks without OCR, we have now finished our workarounds that circumvent the PDF bug in the ABBYY engine and just released public beta 3 of all editions of DEVONthink as well as of DEVONnote.

The third public beta of DEVONthink 2.0 and DEVONnote 2.0 finally brings back optical character recognition (OCR) to DEVONthink Pro Office, introduces a new Boolean operator, and brings a number of bug fixes and detail enhancements. In addition, all editions of DEVONthink and DEOVNnote feature the new ‘OPT’ Boolean operator, increase the compatibility to and Adium, and fix a number of bugs. Read more about the update on our news page and check the release notes.

Scheduled for the next public betas are now completing the sidebar as well as the document properties panel. When these are completed we’ll start working on implementing the tag view. Please understand that we don’t publish a concrete release schedule as timing is always subject to change with the challenges we encounter in development.