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Read Our Documentation on Your Favorite Ebook Reader

19. April 2012 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

Some might not know but the documentation that is built into DEVONthink, DEVONnote, and DEVONagent Pro was always also available as PDF. But after the relaunch of our website they looked strangely old-fashioned I have to admit. In the last few weeks I reworked the layout and adapted it to our new design. And, as I was at it, I dropped the landscape-oriented PDF for reading on the screen in favor of an ebook.

So you can now download the documentation for DEVONthink & Co. as completely restyled PDF in portrait format for printing or as ebook in ePub format. You can read the ebooks on almost any modern ebook reader, e.g. your iPad with iBooks or your Kindle.

The only device that currently doesn’t work with the ePub standard is the Amazon Kindle which uses a different format. There are, however, free converters like the Online ePub Converter or the free application Calibre.