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5. Juli 2011

Use Reminders

Very often documents are connected to actions, e.g. “contact these guys”, “pay this bill”, or “discuss this with the team”. You can create a 43 folder setup in DEVONthink (see the “Getting Things Done” concept) to remind yourself of them or manually add tasks to your preferred calendar or task manager, e.g. iCal, OmniFocus, or Things. (mehr)

27. Juli 2010

Use Folder Actions

The folder actions scripts that we supply with DEVONthink Pro allow you to turn any folder, e.g. one on your Desktop, into a hot folder. To attach a script to a folder of your choice, do the following: … (mehr)

30. März 2010

Learn to Speak AppleScript

DEVONthink and DEVONagent are highly scriptable. Using AppleScript you can integrate them tightly into your workflow, automate tasks, or extend our applications with new functionality. AppleScript as a scripting language is not only powerful but also relatively easy to learn. Our power user Veritrope has published a series of excellent articles on his blog. Check them out. (mehr)

27. Mai 2008

Batch Convert PDFs with OCR

If you want to import a batch of scanned PDFs without converting them to searchable PDFs right away, e.g. because you want to run the time-consuming OCR process later, you can easily do so. Import the files, e.g. to a group “To OCR”. Later, make sure to check Preferences > OCR > Original Document > Move to Trash, select all the documents, and convert them in one batch using Data > Convert > To Searchable PDF. This replaces the selected scanned PDFs with searchable copies and deletes the original file in one batch.