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8. April 2010

Our AI is Good, But …

As you may know our support hero Bill DeVille lives in Brown County, Indiana, USA. On his numerous tours he likes to takes photographs. And this one I just had to post. Seems no matter how good our AI core will become, we have lost the game before it started 😉 … (mehr)

29. April 2009

Little America

This weekend I watched for the first time ever an American Football game, the Ludwigsburg Bulldogs vs. Albershausen Crusaders (regional top league). My daughter joined their cheerleaders team last year and she had her very first public appearance this Saturday. It was a hell lot of fun: great music, the cheerleaders performances, good barbecue, cheap (of course American) beer, and me trying to follow what goes on on the field — reading the basic rules of the game in Wikipedia on my iPhone. I knew that all that technology would be useful for something eventually. (mehr)

1. April 2009

Improve the AI Accuracy

DEVONthink is based from the ground up on artificial intelligence (AI). And like with natural intelligence the results it delivers is based on a variety of parameters. With DEVONhink 2.0 public beta 4 we have added more control over how the AI behaves. To improve the predictability of the AI results, open DEVONthink’s Preferences, General tab, and adjust the Mood slider from “Moody” to “Stable” (see the picture). Choose the setting that best fits your needs. (mehr)

19. Februar 2009

Our Official Business Hours

Sometimes people are asking for our business hours. While our headquarter is in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, USA, most of us live someplace else in the world (we’re one of the world’s smallest fully globalized companies). But this Summer, when I visited our support hero Bill DeVille, we visited the Fig Tree Gallery & Coffee Shop which solves this conundrum so elegantly that we have decided to take over their official business hours. See the picture above. (mehr)

25. November 2008

Lately, in Eric's Kitchen

I already told you a number of times that we’re currently focused fully on getting version 2.0 ready for the public beta phase. So DEVONthink, DEVONthink, is all we’re thinking about. Need a proof? This is what accidently created itself (no kidding!) lately when I was making pancakes. I’m considering this a good omen. (mehr)

18. September 2008

Back from the States, and Some Insight

As I had posted here before my vacation, we were not just visiting Chicago, IL, and the wonderful Lake Michigan in the last three weeks, but we also invaded Bill DeVille’s log cabin. We spend a wonderful and relaxing week with literally tons of great barbecue. Staying miles away from any civilization somewhere the Indiana forest has … challenges to it … but we mastered. And, I finally found out why we only get good marks for our customer support and so few complaints: See what I spotted on Bill’s mantelpiece. (mehr)

29. Mai 2008

Some American Culture in Germany

As the President of a US company I just had to visit our local copy of an American Wild West festival. For a couple of days wanna-be cowboys and indians lived in tents, worked in small craft shops, operated a stylish saloon — and had a lot of fun! Click the image to the left to see the Swabian/German/English menu 🙂 … (mehr)

1. April 2008

Bill in Custody

Just a quick note in case that you’re waiting for email replies from our support guru Bill. On a short holiday in his old home, Louisiana, Bill got arrested, unfortunately. He just wanted to go and buy some cigarettes and so he bound his pet alligator to a hydrant in front of the shop. Fortune wasn’t on his side when the local police noticed this. According to New Orleans city law it’s forbidden to chain alligators to hydrants. Bill, Bill, … why didn’t you just use the street lamp just two meters next to the hydrant? We’re doing our best to get Bill out of custody as quickly as possible and we’ll keep you posted. (mehr)