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20. Januar 2022

Interview: Gerald Koeder

Das Programmsymbol der App „Start“.

Vor ein paar Wochen wurden wir von Gerald Koeder kontaktiert, dem Entwickler des Hilfsprogramms „Start“ für den Mac, das nicht nur das Starten von Anwendungen und das Öffnen von Dateien ermöglicht, sondern auch die Verweise von DEVONthink unterstützt. Wir haben ihm geantwortet und er hat unsere Frage nach einem kurzen Interview für unser Blog dankend angenommen. Lesen Sie weiter… (mehr)

24. August 2021

Avigail Oren und Ada Barlatt

Avigail Oren
Avigail hat ihre Karriere mit der Geschichte der amerikanischen Städte begonnen. Heute genießt sie es, in ihrer Arbeit für Klienten jeden Tag Neues zu lernen.

Avigail Oren und Ada Barlatt haben zusammen die großartigen Online-Kurse DEVONthink for Historians entwickelt. Kein Wunder, dass wir auf die beiden aufmerksam geworden sind und mehr über ihre gemeinsame Geschichte erfahren wollten. (mehr)

9. Januar 2020

Herzlichen 98. Geburtstag, Sam

Ein ganz besonderes Weihnachtsgeschenk für uns kam in Form einer E-Mail an unseren Kundendienst, die wir kurz vor den Feiertagen erhielten. Geschrieben hat sie Sam Ginsberg aus Australien, der gerade 98 Jahre alt geworden war. Sam wurde 2010 unser Kunde, um in Zukunft papierlos zu arbeiten. Damals war er 89 Jahre alt. Kein Wunder, dass wir neugierig wurden und ihn fragten, ob wir ein klein wenig von seiner erstaunlichen Lebensgeschichte erzählen dürften. Und hier ist sie. (mehr)

15. Januar 2013

Interview: Hagen Böser

Dr. Hagen Böser works as a psychotherapist in Frankfurt, Germany, European Union.

Dr. Hagen Böser works as a psychotherapist in Germany, European Union, as well as an educator in an institute for family therapy. Hagen uses both DEVONthink and DEVONagent for his daily work.

I am a medical doctor working in the field of psychotherapy. My main business is educating professionals to become systemic family therapists, counselors and supervisors. (mehr)

18. Januar 2013

Interview: Marko Hehl

Marko Hehl works as a freelance photographer in Chemnitz, Germany, European Union.

Marko Hehl works as a freelance photographer and curator in Germany, European Union. Marko uses analog and digital cameras and both DEVONthink and DEVONagent for his creative work.

My main themes in things photography are people and their relationship to their urban area. I’m influenced by Japanese photographers from the so-called ‘Provoke’ period. (mehr)

20. September 2004

Interview: Tobias Buckell

Tobias S. Buckell writes novels in Ohio, USA.

I had the cool chance to meet Science Fiction and Fantasy novel writer Tobias Buckell, who is also a heavy-duty user of DEVONthink. He’s originally born in the Caribbean but now living in the USA. He published his first story in Science Fiction Age magazine in early 2000 and has sold about 20 short stories to anthologies and magazines. In 2005, Tobias’ new novel “Crystal Rain” and his story collection “Tides From The New Worlds” are due to come out. (mehr)

8. Dezember 2016

A User's Journey into DEVONthink: The Future

(yes, ‘one app to rule them all’ again…)

The following are some thoughts on what I think could be added to or improved in DEVONthink Pro Office (DTPO) or DEVONthink To Go (DTTG2). From this series of blog posts you will have guessed that I am a big fan of this software. It has genuinely made life so much easier for me (especially academically) and even after a good few months of daily use, some of the features I come across still surprise and delight with their simplicity and logical manner! Still, anyone using a piece of software to this extent will occasionally think ‘I wish it did this’ or ‘wouldn’t it be good if’, so here is my collection of those moments. (mehr)

1. Dezember 2016

A User's Journey into DEVONthink: Deeper Usage

In this post I want to detail some of the ideas I’ve only touched on previously, and show how these have really changed my workflows. So far my posts have been quite general, and some further detail in areas may be beneficial. The main things I want to talk about are the DEVONthink Pro Office (DTPO) artifical intelligence (AI) and using DTPO as a basic wiki/outliner for larger projects. (mehr)

24. November 2016

A User's Journey into DEVONthink: On the Go

I wanted to make this post very much an ‘examples of use’ text rather than just listing the features in the app or talking about the sync — again there is a comprehensive manual and many associated articles that do that. I also wanted to preface it with the fact that for me, the main usage for the app is capturing information whilst away from my Mac, and recalling pieces of information that just won’t wait. (mehr)

2. Oktober 2017

Quitting Evernote for DEVONthink

Information worker Yann Rousse switched from Evernote to DEVONthink. He described how he managed the transition in detail in an excellent blog post on Medium:

Moving to DEVONthink from Evernote is not a trivial change. The new tools available to handle my Information and Knowledge activities are quite different and in many ways, far more powerful. The learning curve has started for me but I feel DEVONthink is not only excellent but most importantly the proper fit for me. I’m just beginning to perceive how I can now extend my use of such tool as most barriers I had with Evernote have been lifted now. (mehr)