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Switching Dropbox Accounts for Synchronization

25. Januar 2018 — Jim Neumann

You can only use one Dropbox account in DEVONthink or DEVONthink To Go. This means you need to pick an account to use for syncing. But perhaps you started with one account and have now decided to use another one. Or maybe you want to share sync data with someone else, using a common Dropbox account. And every single time you try and set up a sync location, DEVONthink just won’t forget the first account you used! Here’s how to switch the accounts…

  1. Go online into the Settings > Connected Apps > Linked Apps of the Dropbox account you don’t want to use.
  2. Remove DEVONthink Sync. Whether to keep the folder or not depends on if you anticipate switching back.
  3. Log out of this account and log into the one you want to use.
  4. Create a new sync location in DEVONthink and you will be prompted to authenticate it with Dropbox. Just make sure you’re logged into the account you want to use.

On a side note, remember you can always use another service for collaborative syncing. This means you can use your Dropbox account for your own syncing but another, like CloudMe, for sharing sync data.