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Filter Pages with Scanners

14. Dezember 2010 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

DEVONagent is not a simple interface on top of Google. It does much more for you, e.g. post-processing of all results to refine the result list with our unique artificial intelligence (AI). One feature easily overlooked are scanners.

These filters scan each downloaded resulting page and match them against some formal criteria, e.g. ‘Does this page contain links to Office files?’ or ‘Is this page a thumbnail gallery?’ Use scanners to find only these pages and filter out everything else. Available scanners look for a large variety of criteria and the next revision of DEVONagent will contain even more.

You activate filters in DEVONagent Pro 3 by switching to the Settings tab and choosing an option from the Scanner pop-up menu. The scanner is applied to the next search run. Alternatively you can add scanners by default to any search set in the Search Set Editor. Scanners are also available to extract objects from any web page you visit with DEVONagent Pro’s built-in browser in the right-hand sidebar.