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Need to Move a File? Yoink It!

5. April 2016 — Jim Neumann

There are many times we need to move a file from one place to another. On Macs with larger screens, you can easily open and arrange windows to drag and drop between them. However, if you’re on a laptop or don’t have the luxury of using a second monitor, this is often not an easy task. Often we resort to using Spaces in Mission Control to give ourselves as much space per application as we can. This can make file moving even trickier.

Enter a handy little utility with a funny name: Yoink from Eternal Storms Software. This is a little dropshelf where you can drop files to easily transfer them from one place to another. It appears in all spaces making app-to-app transfers quick and easy. You can also use it to transfer files between different windows in the same space. And it’s even possible to set it to appear near your cursor when it detects you’re dragging an item! It’s very reasonably priced and worth the money.