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Choose Your Import Location

23. Dezember 2014 — Jim Neumann

We often have users asking this question: “I have a shortcut to the Global Inbox in the Finder’s sidebar. How do I get a similar shortcut to my other databases’ inboxes or groups?” The answer is, unfortunately, “You can’t, at least not easily”.

The Global Inbox is not only a special database but also has a watched folder attached to it. You can make an alias pointing to that folder or drag it to the Finder’s sidebar, just as we do automatically for you. Regular databases don’t have that by default. Also, the group structure you see in DEVONthink is merely cosmetic to allow you to arrange your data in a familiar view. The groups don’t exist on your Mac as real Finder folders so there’s nothing to make a shortcut to (similar to groups in Apple’s Xcode, by the way).

However, you can use the Sorter to drag-and-drop files to specific locations. You can also use Tools > Show Groups & Tags to do the same thing. And lastly, you can set your Preferences > Import > Destination to allow you to choose your group, send incoming documents directly to the Global Inbox, or the inbox of the current database.