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Organize your XMenu

17. Dezember 2013 — Jim Neumann

You may not really think about it, but under-the-hood of each XMenu icon is a simple Finder folder. This means you can create subfolders within these folders to help organize the menu contents.

For example, say you didn’t want to show the Applications menu (since you’ve installed waaay too many apps like me!) but you wanted to use XMenu for an app launcher. First, make sure you’ve turned on the User-Defined menu in XMenu’s preferences. Now right-click the User-Defined menu in the menubar (it looks like a gear icon) and choose Open Folder in Finder. Create a folder in this window called Apps. Then open your Applications folder and drag an application to this window while holding the ⌘Command and ⌥Option keys at the same time. (This creates an alias instead of moving or copying the file.) Repeat this with as many apps as you’d like to include. Then click on the menubar icon to see the new folder with apps ready to launch all nicely organized in their own folder.

You can also organize the ‘Snippets’ folder in the same fashion. (More to come on that in a future post.)