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Search Depth in DEVONagent

20. März 2018 — Jim Neumann

With DEVONagent Pro, there are several built in Web search sets. These range from the quickly returning Web (Express) to a much longer running Web (Deepest). While the tendency may be to opt for the deepest searches possible, you should understand these searches will take much longer as links are followed more deeply

If you have ever rabbit-trailed while reading a web page and found yourself far from where you started, consider this before choosing the Web (Deepest) option. Here’s a list of all Web search sets and what they return:

  • Express: Web plugin, up to 60 results with no filtering
  • Fast: Web plugin, up to 100 results, doesn’t follow links
  • Deep: Bing, Google, and Yahoo, up to 100 results per engine
  • Deeper: Bing, Google, and Yahoo, follows links one level deep
  • Deepest: Bing, Google, and Yahoo, follows links, maximum depth

And since these are editable search sets, you can duplicate or fine-tune these sets to fit your needs.