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Welcome to Indiana, Bill

11. September 2007 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

Bill DeVille, our head supporter and true evangelist for the DEVONbelief, has moved from warm and wet Louisiana to colder Indiana. Right after his 75th birthday, Bill has bought this wonderful Log Cabin in the woods of Indiana, which was first built in 1901, then in 1932, and finally in 1974. So, parts of the cabin are more than 100 years old. Today, the log cabin is up-to-date with central heating, air conditioning, good insulation as well as modern windows.

So, everything was well-prepared for Bill when he arrived, and just one day after his final departure in Louisiana he was already online again, ready to jump into the user forum and assist you with your questions. Even fifty or more meters away, sitting in the middle of the trees with the Macbook Pro on his lap, he would never forget about you, our users. That’s what super heros are made of!

Bill, we all wish you a great start in your new home!