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Right- or Control-click the download link. In the contextual menu, choose "Download linked file as" (or a similar command). If this doesn't work with your browser, consider using Safari instead.

About bookmarklets

Bookmarklets are tiny applications contained in the address of a bookmark. You  add them to your web browser's bookmark bar or menu like other bookmarks, and when you activate them the mini application runs.

PDF and ebook documentation

DEVONagent Pro3.11.1PDFePubKindle
DEVONthink Personal2.11.2PDFePubKindle
DEVONthink Pro2.11.2PDFePubKindle
DEVONthink Pro Office2.11.2PDFePubKindle
DEVONthink To Go2.7.1PDFePubKindle

Browser extensions

Clip selected text, bookmark web pages, or save them as PDFs or web archives to your DEVONthink database directly from your browser. These browser extensions require DEVONthink 2.1 or later.

Clip to DEVONthink Safari Install
Clip to DEVONthink Firefox Download
Clip to DEVONthink Chrome Download

Install all extensions directly from within DEVONthink (DEVONthink > Install Add-Ons) or download them with the links above. For Firefox download the Firefox add-on, open the Add-Ons page in Firefox (Tools > Add-Ons), and drag the add-on into the window.


Add web pages or text selections to your DEVONthink database with a single click. The "Clip to DEVONthink" works similar to the browser extensions above. Drag or add the bookmarklet buttons to your web browser's bookmark bar to install.

Clip to DEVONthink Clip to DEVONthink
Archive Archive
Bookmark Bookmark
PDF (paginated) PDF (paginated)
Selection Selection
Text Text

Extensions and plugins

For third-party apps

Integrate our apps with your favorite third-party productivity tool, e.g. Alfred or PopClip. Add selected text to your DEVONthink Pro (Office) database or search your databases directly from the Alfred command line or the PopClip menu.

Document Search Alfred Download
Clip / Search PopClip Download

Spotlight and Quick Look plugins

Spotlight and Quick Look allow OS X to search and preview files. Both applications and plugins can extend this architecture with support for file formats not natively known to OS X. DEVONthink uses Spotlight and Quick Look, too, to search and display documents. Install the plugins below to add support for new file formats.

Adobe InDesign and Illustrator Learn more
CHM web archives Learn more
DjVu Learn more
ePub ebooks Learn more
MHTML web archives Learn more
Mobipocket ebooks Learn more
QuarkXPress Learn more
RAW images Learn more
ReStructured Text (reST) Learn more
WordPerfect Learn more

You can find more Spotlight and Quick Look plugins e.g. in this Quick Look Plugins List or in Sindre Sorhus' list of Quick Look plugins for developers.

Please note that not all extensions and plugins listed here are developed by us. In case of problems with extensions and plugins written by third parties please contact the developer's customer support. DEVONtechnologies, LLC is not liable for linked content.

Open source

Pantomime (with fixes) 1.2.2 Download