Try and buy

  1. Download the apps that you want to try. They will be fully functional but will only run for a limited time until you enter a valid license code.
  2. Try them out. If you run out of time on the demo, request a 30 day trial license.
  3. Buy license keys. Use them free of any restrictions.

DEVONthink Pro Office without a valid license code is also restricted to 20 OCR runs and 200 imported email messages per day.


Apps purchased in the Mac App Store may not include the same features as their counterparts directly downloaded from our website. Available versions can differ due to Apple's review process.

Extras and legacy versions

Download PDFs of the help files, install bookmarklets, or legacy versions of our apps to use on older computers.

Trouble downloading?

Right- or Control-click the download link. In the contextual menu, choose "Download linked file as" (or a similar command). If this doesn't work with your browser, consider using Safari instead.


DEVONagent Express3.11.1DownloadApp Store
DEVONagent Lite3.11.1DownloadApp Store
DEVONagent Pro3.11.1DownloadApp Store
DEVONnote2.11.2DownloadApp Store
DEVONsphere Express1.9.3DownloadApp Store
DEVONthink Personal2.11.2DownloadApp Store
DEVONthink Pro2.11.2Download
DEVONthink Pro Office2.11.2Download
DEVONthink To Go2.7.1App Store


CalcService3.5DownloadApp Store
EasyFind4.9.3DownloadApp Store
PhotoStickies5.6.7DownloadApp Store
WordService2.8.2DownloadApp Store
XMenu1.9.9DownloadApp Store

Third-party apps

The third-party applications listed here are just recommendations by our staff, e.g. because they work well with our own apps. For more information about them and for customer support please directly contact their makers.