Our partners

No one is an island. Not even in the Devonian. We love teaming up with consultants, affiliates, and Mac user groups to gather and support the best of the best who help us spread the word and our users squeeze the last bit out of our apps.

Are you a DEVONtechnologies app expert yourself?

Do you want to offer your professional services to our customers, e.g. to help them set up databases or do web resesarch the DEVONagent way? Get listed on our web site so that our customers can find you.

Do you have a web site? Do you love our products?

If you answered "yes" to both questions, become a DEVONtechnologies affiliate and we share our success with you! Link to us and receive commissions for new customers and sales you refer to us.

Are you member of a Mac User Group (MUG)?

We would love to get in touch with you and supply you with free review copies of our apps, free licenses for your raffles, and other things we may not have thought of yet.