User groups (MUGs)

All over the world, Mac users connect with each other by joining regional Mac User Groups (MUGs). These groups provide technical help to their members, preview and profile new products for their members’ benefit, and give users a space to meet and mingle. MUGs are the very heart of the very vibrant Mac community.

For us, Mac User Groups are important because they are where the virtual Mac community materializes in the real world. It’s where everyone understands that when you’re talking about your personal computer, you’re talking about a Mac. If you haven't joined a user group and want to do so, you can find more information on Apple's User Groups page, Everything Mac, or User Groups Network.

Are you a MUG member or leader?

We at DEVONtechnologies want to support your MUG as much as we can with:

  • NFR copies of our software for review
  • Application licenses for your raffles
  • Member discounts for our products

If you are a Mac User Group leader, and you would like to receive more information about our special offers, please write to us with some information about you and your group (such as your location, key group members (e.g. your President), number of members, your web site address, etc.) This information can help us better serve you as you look to find out more about DEVONtechnologies, our products, and how we can help your MUGs.