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26.05.2011 00:00 Age: 8 yrs

Assistant, workspaces, sorter, and more

Coeur d'Alene (Idaho, USA), May 26, 2011 — DEVONtechnologies, LLC announces that all editions of its high-end information manager DEVONthink and the intelligent note-taking application DEVONnote are now available in version 2.1. In addition, DEVONthink To Go 1.1.1 has been submitted to the App Store for review.

The new version 2.1, which has been released hot from the compiler today, has been vastly improved with over 50 new features, enhancements, and bug fixes: from the rewritten 'Clip to DEVONthink' function, a brand new support assistant, and savable workspaces to an overhauled Sorter.

"This is by far one of the most exciting DEVONthink and DEVONnote releases in many months. We have never had so many brand new features and cool enhancements since version 2.0," says Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann, DEVONtechnologies' President.

The new 'Clip to DEVONthink' function highly improves compatibility by no longer injecting the user interface into the web page from which it was called but using a native panel. This also allows e.g. selecting the database and group where the clipping is saved to and auto-completion for tags. Everything just acts just the way the user expects.

New users will like the gorgeous new welcome and support assistant that greets them with an introduction screencast, tips, tutorials, and downloadable extras. The regularly updated tips and tutorials give hands-on advice and explain the most commonly used tasks in DEVONthink and DEVONnote step-by-step. Additional scripts, templates, and plugins can be browsed, installed, and, if they are no longer needed, removed directly from within the new assistant. The 'support' screen, available directly from the Help menu, assists the user with troubleshooting and license issues.

"Our users were often confused with the various support options and learning materials we offered on our web site. We have now updated all our materials and provide them all directly where the user looks for them: in our apps. That's the way how we think in-app support should look like," comments Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann, DEVONtechnologies' President.

Starting with version 2.1 DEVONthink makes excessive use of a new 'workspaces' concept: the state of all windows, panels, and tabs including their content, selections, and settings can be saved by the user to named 'workspaces' and restored at any time. Using the same concept DEVONthink brings the user back to the exact same work place that he left when he last quit the app.

We love this cool new feature: just save all your windows and panels, even the currently open search, into a workspace and recall it later. Save the perfect workspace for research, writing, and accounting, and switch between them in seconds," says Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann, DEVONtechnologies' President.

The highly enhanced Sorter — a separate applet that allows the user to drag files to database locations even when DEVONthink is not open — is now also available in the Personal edition and features a list view for the available locations in addition to the square 'sorter boxes'. The new version also fixes a large number of bugs with multiple monitors and allows the user to adjust the list of apps that the Sorter uses to hide automatically when an app is going fullscreen.

Finally DEVONtechnologies has squeezed dozens of other improvements into this release (actually more than we can list here): user-definable highlighting colors in all editions, a Google Chrome browser extension in DEVONthink Personal and up, an enhanced 'Annotation' smart template in DEVONthink Pro and up, and a new version of ExactScan Capture as well as support for 'read' and 'flagged' status when importing email from Microsoft Entourage and Outlook to DEVONthink Pro Office. The conduit for DEVONthink To Go fixes a number of sync bugs, too.

DEVONthink To Go 1.1.1, which has been submitted to the iOS App Store for review today, too, brings a large number of important bug fixes e.g. for crashes when switching views or changing the device rotation, a more robust synchronization, and the possibility to rename items on the device. The new version also brings proper support for package-based file formats such as OmniOutliner and iWork.

Availability and pricing

All Mac applications require Mac OS X 10.5 or later and can be downloaded as free trial versions from DEVONthink and DEVONnote can be test-driven for free for 150 hours of non-continuous runtime until they need to be properly licensed.

DEVONthink Professional Office sells for US$ 149.95, DEVONthink Professional for US$ 79.95, DEVONthink Personal for US$ 49.95, and DEVONnote for US$ 24.95 in DEVONtechnologies' online shop. DEVONthink Pro Office and DEVONthink Pro are also available bundled with the Internet research agent DEVONagent. DEVONnote can also be purchased on the Mac App Store for US$ 24.99.

DEVONthink To Go for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is available on the App Store for US$ 14.99.

Corporate background

DEVONtechnologies LLC, founded in 2002, incorporated in 2004 and headquartered in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, USA, researches in the field of semantic and associative data analysis and synthesis, and develops key applications based on the DEVONtechnology. Named after the Devonian Period, the DEVONtechnology marks the departure into a new age of data processing. The main focus of all activities is on using the robust, flexible and versatile architecture intelligently to create rock-solid applications for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to databases, intelligent agents, data-mining, information retrieval and human-computer-interfaces.

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