Release notes

We release new versions of our applications on a regular basis. Every release comes with bug fixes and detail enhancements as well as very often also new features. Read here what has changed in the most recent version.

DEVONnote 2.11.2

This maintenance release addresses a sporadic crash when accessing the Preferences on macOS Mojave. We also fixed an issue where RTFD files were incorrectly reported as missing. The URL of clippings from the Brave and Vivaldi web browsers is now captured. The overall reliability has been the primary focus of this release.


  • The URL is now captured when clipping from the Vivaldi and Brave web browsers.
  • When importing browser bookmarks, the group will show the icon of the browser.
  • Improved caching speeds up resolving links.
  • Copying or dragging snippets from plain text documents doesn't include the reference URL anymore as this caused various issues in other apps.
  • Improved overall performance and reliability.


  • Fixed an issue where certain Word documents couldn't be imported.
  • Fixed an issue where customized date formats in System Preferences weren't displayed in list views.
  • Fixed an issue where RTFD files were always reported as missing.
  • Fixed an issue where the remaining trial time wasn't updating correctly.
  • Fixed a crash or incomplete display of the window when accessing the Preferences on macOS Mojave.