DEVONsphere Express

Make your Mac smarter

Let DEVONsphere Express keep track of related emails, articles on the same subject, and similar web pages. Discover the hidden connection between seemingly unrelated files.

  • Find other items related to what you're working on
  • Search like Spotlight on steroids
  • Context-aware; always focuses on what you do
  • Runs as a menu extra, always available


Mac running or later. Release notes.

Get a creativity boost
See new connections between items. Then create something new.

Search with confidence
Find precisely the files and other items you're looking for — in no time.

Pick the gems
See only the items you're looking for and filter the rest. The best is just good enough.

Make your Mac smarter
Our unique Artificial Intelligence lets you work faster and more productively.

Seamlessly integrated
Plays nicely with almost all well-behaved Mac apps — and many others, too.

Get a creativity boost

DEVONsphere Express finds new connections between items. Let yourself get inspired, follow yet untrodden paths, and create something new.

Whatever document you are currently editing (e.g. in Pages, TextEdit, or DEVONthink Pro), email you are currently reading, web page you are viewing, or song you are listening to: click DEVONsphere Express' icon to see related items on your computer or on the web. Explore further using thumbnails, Quick Look, or by opening them in their parent apps.

Drag selected text or files from the Finder to DEVONsphere Express to manually focus its attention on what interests you most, or use OS X's convenient Services menu.

Search with confidence

DEVONsphere Express finds precisely the files or other items you're looking for on your computer. If it's there, you'll know where -- in no time.

Switch DEVONsphere Express to search mode and use advanced Boolean operators (as seen in high-end databases, DEVONthink, and DEVONagent), wildcards, and parentheses to narrow your search. Easily navigate the results, view thumbnails, get large Quick Look previews, or open them in their respective apps.


Pick the gems

Your computer and the web are full of gems. They're just hidden in heaps of stones. DEVONsphere Express shows you what matters and filters the rest.

Adjust DEVONsphere Express' preferences to search only the categories important to you and index only the locations you want. Change filter settings on demand — all adjustments are applied instantly — so you don't waste your valuable time with the less important stuff.

Make your computer smarter

DEVONsphere Express saves you time and makes you more productive without forcing you to change your work style. It adapts to you!

DEVONsphere Express extends you computer's abilities with its unique artificial intelligence (AI) and makes it available to your apps without e.g. forcing you to store your data in a separate database like DEVONthink does. It's always available from the menu bar or via Services and works with almost all your apps.

Customize DEVONsphere Express to your needs so that it doesn't throw data irrelevant to you in your way.

Become more productive with DEVONsphere Express


Surf for a product on the web and find companies with similar products with a single click. Read email and instantly check previous conversations or chats with the person. Find music similar to the song you're listening to, or find more Indian food recipes like the great murgh masala you cooked yesterday evening.

Office workers

Quickly have addresses, email messages, chat logs, and documents connected to a person or company at hand. Select a receipt and DEVONsphere Express shows you the restaurant's address, the travel plan you received by email, related documents from the trip filed in DEVONthink, as well as similar receipts from earlier trips.


Write term papers or your thesis and quickly find related articles, links, or reference you have collected on your computer earlier. Sometimes DEVONsphere Express even digs up connections you wouldn't have thought of yourself. Use its search function with wildcards and advanced operators also as a more sophisticated alternative to Spotlight.


Write and use DEVONsphere Express to find additional, previously collected information on your computer while the story develops. DEVONsphere Express lists people, email messages, scans, documents, and web pages related to your text or shows older articles from your archive dealing with the same subject.


During your research for a case DEVONsphere Express quickly finds similar cases and scanned articles in your DEVONthink database, elsewhere on your Mac, or on the web. Read in LexisNexis or on other websites — DEVONsphere Express instantly lists related articles. Get more data about people or companies by dragging their names to DEVONsphere Express.

Use DEVONsphere Express in all these apps


Most document-based applications using standard file formats or supporting Spotlight.

Apple apps

  • Mail
  • iWork
  • Xcode
  • Messages (iChat)
  • iTunes
  • Finder
  • Preview
  • TextEdit
  • Address Book
  • AppleScript Editor

Web browsers

Third-party apps


All applications neither supporting OS X's accessibility functionality nor AppleScript, e.g. many Carbon applications.

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