Release notes

We release new versions of our applications on a regular basis. Every release comes with bug fixes and detail enhancements as well as very often also new features. Read here what has changed in the most recent version.

DEVONsphere Express 1.9.1

This release contains many performance-related improvements, especially when indexing large numbers of documents. We have improved compatibility with Apple's AFPS filesystem, used in macOS High Sierra. Support for searching ePub files and finding related website has been enhanced, too, and indexing includes the text in PDF annotations and forms. And as always, we have made the application more reliable and use less resources.

NOTE: Starting with this version DEVONsphere Express requires macOS Yosemite or later.


  • Added indexing of the text in PDF annotations and forms.
  • Added auto-completion of the last typed search term.
  • Added important information and logs to Help > Report Bug.


  • Improved sorting results by date.
  • Improved returning related websites in the results.
  • Improved support for using the favicon of related websites.
  • Improved security by using SSL when searching via Google or Bing.
  • Improved creation and updating of the search index.
  • Improved indexing and searching of ePub files.
  • Improved support for character set encodings in HTML and XML.
  • Improved compatibility with Google Chrome's Bookmarks.
  • Improved compatibility to Apple's new AFPS filesystem used in macOS High Sierra.
  • Improved reliability and performance when indexing large numbers of documents.
  • Improved support for Postbox when using the Help > Report Bug function.
  • Improved logging, general performance, and reliability.


  • Fixed an issue with resource usage while loading the index.
  • Fixed an issue when some user interface artifacts were occasionally seen in macOS High Sierra.
  • Fixed a rare crash related to background processes.


  • Removed the use of 32-bit processes for indexing. This only affects users on High Sierra (10.13.4 and later) indexing file formats that have no 64-bit Spotlight importer.