DEVONsphere Server

Web search, relevant and fast

DEVONsphere Server indexes your Intranet or any websites and provides your users with a fast and powerful search function that delivers relevant results empowered with unique smart features.

  • Indexes local documents and remote websites ultra-fast
  • Advanced operators, wildcards, fuzzy search
  • Smart, enriched results
  • Smart and lean index
  • Flexible output options

Mac running OS X 10.6 or later. Contact us for details.

Search smarter
Provide high-end web site search with advanced features and unique AI-based functionality.

Empower your users
Let your users find linked or embedded objects like videos, news feeds, or email addresses.

Integrate seamlessly
Get search results in a variety of formats for easy integration into your website or Intranet.

Small and lean index
Have documents and websites indexed fast and in a small and clean back-end database.

What it can do for you
At the office, in research, on the web. See the demo installations, check the fact sheet, or contact us.

Search smarter

Let your users search on your Intranet or dedicated websites fast, precisely, and supported by unique artificial intelligence technology.

DEVONsphere Server builds an index of documents on your local file systems or remote websites and provides your users with an easy-to-use yet powerful search engine. Give them the precision they need to quickly find what they are looking for with advanced Boolean operators known only from high-end scientific databases (e.g. NEAR, BEFORE, AFTER, and OPT), wildcards, ranges, and a unlimited complexity of search terms.

Fuzzy search elegantly passes over typos or different local spellings (e.g. "grey" and "gray"). Diacritics such as accented characters or umlauts can be ignored.

Choose between searching all stored data or only the text of the pages or documents, their titles, descriptions, keywords, and URLs, as well as embedded or connected objects.

Empower your users

Save time by quickly finding linked or embedded documents, media, news feeds, and more with a single click. Keep related documents always at your (users') fingertips.

DEVONsphere Server identifies, extracts, and indexes linked or embedded objects such as documents, PDF files, programming code snippets, email addresses, or RSS news feeds, and lets you search them, too. Restrict results to only pages containing the objects you are looking for or access them directly without opening the page that contains them first.

Locate the most recent documents by sorting by date, or sort by relevance or document size. Show only documents in your own or requested language using smart language filters.

Finally, dig deeper into whatever you're most interested in using DEVONsphere Server's unique artificial intelligence. List documents or web pages with content related to already found results with a single click. (Re)search couldn't be more comfortable and straightforward.

Integrate seamlessly

Get search results in the best format for your needs. Directly style its interface or use any technology you like to post-process the results and make them available.

DEVONsphere Server delivers results as HTML, XHTML, RSS feed, XML, or JSON. The HTML output also comes with a print stylesheet allowing to print results without disturbing interface elements. Style DEVONsphere Server's interface and output with CSS or use XSLT or JavaScript to process the delivered data in the most useful way. Let your users subscribe to searches with RSS to keep them updated on their research.

DEVONsphere Server always returns the correct number of results immediately and, contrary to other search appliances, allows the user to retrieve all results regardless of their number.

DEVONsphere Server divides the output into pages and delivers all further pages almost immediately (in less than 0.1 seconds) thanks to smart caching on both result and page level.

DEVONsphere Server runs on standard hardware using an out-of-the-box operating system and any filesystem. It is highly configurable and supports Bonjour so that you can plug it into your existing infrastructure right where you want it.

Small and lean index

Don't waste your resources but use them. DEVONsphere Server delivers top performance on any desktop Mac with highly optimized code and a small but powerful index.

DEVONsphere Server was designed to keep its index as small as possible by weeding out all superfluous data such as duplicates, old pages, error messages, and irrelevant links. Dynamic links are combined whenever possible.

So-called "scanners", based on a flexible and extensible architecture, split pages into pieces and assign known pieces a meaning, e.g. "this is a webcam" or "this is programming code".

Both scanners and document types use an extensible architecture. New types can be easily added, e.g. address or recipe scanners.

The crawler uses up to 16 available CPUs and supports standard robot tags and extensions as well as Apple Help and Google Appliance tags. It processes 500,000 documents in less than 15 minutes on a current Mac. Optional smart caching additionally reduces server load.

How DEVONsphere Server makes your company more productive

Build a private, specialized search engine to find articles, news, and data on those websites that are the most important to your work. Use the advanced search language to find precisely and extract linked documents with just one click.

Make your document collection searchable from any Mac or PC on your Intranet. Research by finding documents related to already found ones. Build your own law search engine pulling data from other sources on the web.

Provide your editors and your readers with a powerful search feature that allows them to find articles, books, blog posts, white papers, and more. Customize the interface to match your website design or Intranet.

Data collectors

Crawl all relevant websites and build a comprehensive index. Search the index with precision and advanced features such as object scanners, retrieve all results as structured XML or JSON, and post-process it in your workflow.


Add a smart and powerful search to your website or Intranet that gives your visitors and users unique searching powers. Run it on any desktop Mac hardware and with minimal installation and configuration effort.

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DEVONsphere data sheet

Learn more about which hardware you need to run DEVONsphere Server and which operators, languages, and output format it supports.

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