Make your Mac smarter

    Find documents, messages, or web pages related or similar to whatever you're just working on. Get a creativity boost by seeing connections that you haven't seen before yourself.

  • Search your Mac with
    confidence and precision

    DEVONsphere Express finds precisely the files or other items you're looking for on your computer. If it's there, you'll know where in no time.

    Use advanced operators, wildcards, and parentheses to narrow your search. Easily navigate the results and view thumbnails or previews.

  • Build your own
    Intranet search engine

    DEVONsphere Server indexes files and websites and provides you and your users with a smart and fast way to search them.

    Gives you superior features and top performance on any Mac hardware.


Desktop Intelligence

DEVONsphere Express

Make your Mac smarter

  • Find related or similar documents, messages, web pages
  • Search your Mac like with Spotlight on steroids
  • Automatically focuses on what you're working on
  • Also works with your selection, dropped items, or services
  • Instant results, no need to keep your files in a database
  • Works with most common Mac apps and file formats

DEVONsphere Server

Web search, relevant and fast

  • Smart and lean index, ultra-fast indexing and processing
  • Advanced search operators, wildcards, fuzzy search
  • Cleverly filters content by what it is, contains, or links to.
  • Results enriched with smart and AI based functionality
  • Gives access to all found results, sortable result lists
  • Flexible output options (HTML, XML, RSS, JSON)