DEVONthink Pro Office

Document management reinvented

DEVONthink Pro Office is your Mac paperless office. It stores all your documents, helps you keep them organized, and presents you with what you need to get the job done.

  • Keep your data together in one place
  • Scan your paper, archive your email
  • Let artificial intelligence help you file your data
  • Sync your data to all your devices, fast and secure
  • Share your data with anyone, whether they use Mac or PC

— Test drive for 150 hours.
Mac running or later

Release notes

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Be more productive
Get help fighting the tide of information. DEVONthink takes care of it for you.

Keep everything in sync
Use the same data on all your Macs. Work in a team. Fast, robust, and secure.

The Pro advantage
Use multiple databases, more file formats, and automate your workflow.

Scan, archive, share
Go paperless, archive your email, and share with your teammates.

Made especially for you!
Researchers, students, educators, journalists, lawyers, power users, …


Get organized, effortlessly

DEVONthink keeps your valuable data organized and presents it in the way you want.

DEVONthink keeps all your information in one easy-to-backup database, and presents it to you in a variety of ways optimized to your work style. Multiple views help you quickly navigate your data.

Many documents can be viewed and edited inline, without resorting to Quick Look or opening another app. Read webpages as if they were local documents.


Be more productive

Don't fight the information flood by yourself. DEVONthink is smart and actively assists you with its built-in artificial intelligence.

Let DEVONthink automatically file new documents for you based on how you filed similar documents. Later, the advanced search function retrieves the documents that you need for your task, while smart groups present related data together. Quickly find similar documents using keywords extracted from the document and the unique "See also" function.


Create something new

It’s not about data, it’s about creating something meaningful from it. DEVONthink is your information power tool.

Collect, analyze, summarize, write: With DEVONthink you have all you need in one app that actively supports your workflow. View all your data in one place, use our innovative approach to tags to quickly organize documents, and write in the enhanced rich text editor. Use manual or automatic Wiki-style links to effortlessly cross-reference your work.

DEVONthink's two full screen modes help you stay focused, while smart templates are a great starting point for new documents.


Your data, no boundaries

Wherever your data comes from and whatever you want to do with it, DEVONthink provides you with the best tools and as much metadata as possible.

Store your documents in the self-contained database or simply reference them by using the index feature. Clip data from other apps with just a keystroke, adding it to the GTD®-like inbox for later filing, or take notes with the Take Note panel or the Dashboard widget. Browser extensions, the Services menu, and the Sorter panel integrate DEVONthink with your workflow.

Send links to your documents to any app which handles web addresses (URLs), e.g. OmniFocus or Mail, or export your documents in their original file format. DEVONthink doesn’t hold your data hostage.



Keep everything in sync — fast, robust, and secure

Use your databases on all your Macs, iPads, and iPhones. Collaborate in your team. It's ultra-fast, super robust, and strong encryption keeps prying eye out.

Sync your data directly on the local network, via iCloud, Dropbox or WebDAV, or using just anything mountable, e.g. a USB stick or SD card. You decide what data is synced, when, and to which locations. Full AES 256 bit encryption keep everyone out who you don't want to let in. Your data belongs to you, not to your service provider or us.

Carry your important data with you all the time with DEVONthink To Go. Use the same database on all your team's Macs but let everyone work independently by regularly synchronizing new work on the local network, an NAS, or internet-based file service.

Click here to learn more about our sync technology.

Note: Our software licenses can be used on multiple Macs when all of them are used by the same person only. In a team every Mac running DEVONthink requires its own license. Check out our attractive volume discounts.


The Pro advantage

DEVONthink grows with your needs. DEVONthink Pro and Pro Office support your personal work style with many advanced options.

Use separate databases for each project, and let automatic grouping create order from chaos. Add RSS feeds to your database to automatically import new articles, or download and archive full websites. The concordance gives you a real-time analysis of your data.

AppleScript support, Automator actions, and script-driven smart templates let you integrate DEVONthink with other software. The sky's the limit!

Scan, archive, share — with DEVONthink Pro Office

Go paperless now

Let's face it. Even though we use our computers as much as possible, paper happens. Letters, invoices, receipts, magazine articles can join your digital files, scanned and fully searchable. Just place your document scanner right above your wastebasket.

DEVONthink Pro Office works with all scanners compatible with OS X's Image Capture and uses ABBYY FineReader technology for making scans searchable.

Archive your email, too

Using DEVONthink is all about creating a seamless workflow. Add your email to your database and mix it freely with other files relevant to your projects. Email yourself documents and use rules in Apple Mail to add them to your database automatically. DEVONthink Pro Office even integrates your favorite instant messaging apps..

DEVONthink Pro Office stores messages transparently in their original format.

Share your knowledge

Don't keep valuable knowledge to yourself — share it. DEVONthink Pro Office's built-in web server gives your teammates, colleagues, and friends access to your collected data. They can browse, search, and download your documents or upload files to your inbox.

Port forwarding makes your databases available from anywhere in the world, and password-protection keeps prying eyes out.

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DEVONthink makes you more productive


Collect text, images, graphs, PDFs, and even web addresses from any source and group them as you see fit. Use RSS feeds to stay updated on important topics. Find data related to the documents you're working on using the unique See Also function. Work on your research data together with others in your team.

Students & Teachers

Organize your course materials easily and create new documents from templates. Let DEVONthink's advanced search function help you find data for your studies and use smart groups to keep important information at hand. Tag documents for more flexibility. Provide information to your students with a sync store on a school server.


Collect material for your next articles and use the smart AI-driven See Also function to learn more about any bit of information you're reading. Keep updated using RSS and smart groups, and share important data with your colleagues. Write undistracted in DEVONthink's full screen mode.


Keep everything related to a case, PDFs, notes, email, bookmarks, together in a single place and later find the exact information you need using DEVONthink's advanced search. Search for similar cases or applicable laws on LexisNexis and other web sites and clip important data without interrupting your reading.

Power users

Build your own wiki using automatic wiki links, then publish it as website. Integrate DEVONthink Pro, with its extensive AppleScript and Automator support, into your workflow and file incoming messages and documents automatically. Build your own smart templates.

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