We ❤️ Timing

Timing is a fantastic tool for tracking the time you’re spending on your Mac painlessly. And it not only tracks which apps you’re using and which websites you visit. It also captures which DEVONthink database, group, or document you’re working on. Click here to read our blog post.

And because the two applications go together so well we’re making it easier for you to get on board with DEVONthink. Get any edition of DEVONthink 3 with an EXCLUSIVE 10% DISCOUNT by using the buttons below.

DEVONthink 3 DEVONthink Pro 3 DEVONthink Server 3

This promotion is a joint effort of Timing and DEVONtechnologies and ends on February 29th, 2020. The discount can be applied to upgrades by using the coupon code timing-2020 in the cart but it cannot be combined with other offers such as the students & educators discount. See our Business Principles for more about on how we do promotions.