You publish, your Mac does the rest

Before an article is published or a new radio or TV show airs, a lot of research, collecting, reviewing, weeding out, and organizing has been done. Our products are designed to actively assist you with all these tasks to free your valuable time for what is really important in the end: writing and publishing.

  • Collect

    Every publication starts with collected materials. The GTD®-like inbox of DEVONthink, the take note panel, services, the browser extensions, the print-to-DEVONthink service, and the Sorter make collecting easy. Wherever the material comes from, one click later it's in your inbox without interrupting your flow. Later review, organize, and use it for your story.

  • Research

    If you don't have enough material for your story, start (re)searching on the web — with DEVONagent Pro. You choose your search engines and type the query, our app does the tedious rest. Get smart text summaries and a topics map for a quick overview but filter the noise. Review the results and send the good ones to your DEVONthink inbox in an instant. DEVONsphere Express finds other related data already on your Mac.

  • Review

    When you have collected enough material it's time to review it. DEVONthink shows any file type that also Quick Look can show, but without pressing the Space bar first. Select a bookmark and browse the webpage without switching to Safari. Then use smart tags to mark important clippings, images, or bookmarks, or move them to the trash with a keystroke. It couldn't be easier.

  • Organize

    Prepare your story by organizing your material so that it is the most helpful. Smart templates help you getting started. Use groups or tags, or both, to keep clippings, notes, bookmarks, and other files for an article together. DEVONthink assists you by looking at your data and suggesting tags or groups. You can even add items to multiple projects using replicants.

  • Write

    Write your story, outline, or blog posting completely undistracted in DEVONthink's document fullscreen mode. No interface elements, just the text and you. Add formatting, tables, pictures, and hyperlinks.

    Publish by copying to your CMS or use AppleScript to process your text.

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Supercharge your workflow

All our apps are have been created to support information professionals: powerful, comfortable to use, and easy to automate.

Use DEVONthink to:

  • Collect material
  • Organize and cross-reference material
  • Take notes
  • Write articles

Use DEVONagent to:

  • Research on the web
  • Keep updated
  • Clip text and images

Use DEVONsphere Express to quickly find information in your computer related to what you're working on.

Use DEVONthink To Go to take your data with you on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.


DEVONagent Pro keeps you updated with schedules search runs and reports, DEVONthink Pro with automatically archived RSS feeds. Save interesting links, organize them with smart tags, and prepare your posts in DEVONthink's integrated work environment. DEVONsphere Express keeps related posts at your fingertips.

Magazine editors

Research new stories with DEVONagent Pro or Express, save the most important text bits and links with a single keystroke in your DEVONthink database, and quickly organize the information. Review everything without switching apps. Finally, write your text undistracted in full-screen mode.

Newspaper editors

Track all your news sources by adding their RSS feeds to DEVONthink Pro. Tag interesting articles and use smart groups to focus only on the really interesting bits. Integrate your editorial system with AppleScript and link to documents and notes in your database.

AV production

Brainstorm and jot your ideas down in DEVONthink. Add audio and video materials, bookmarks, and files. Smart tags and DEVONthink's unique AI give you the best and most flexible organizing possibilities available today. DEVONagent Pro lets you track reviews and know what people are saying about your program.

If you are a professional blogger or a member of the press you can receive a free not-for-resale license of our software. Apply here.