Take care of your studies, we take care of the rest

Learning and studying are much more than just attending classes. You have to take notes, organize papers and handouts, keep track of suggested web links, and write term papers. But don't despair! Our products help you with the tedious tasks of collecting and organizing so that you can focus on what really matters: your studies.

  • Take notes

    Taking notes is one of your most important tasks whether it happens at school, at your favorite coffee shop, or at home. DEVONthink's rich text editor offers all the tools you need, from lists to tables and hyperlinks. It even adds Wiki-style links to related documents automatically. DEVONthink comes with many predesigned templates for note taking, e.g. for Cornell notes, journal entries, quotes, or references. It even talks to Bookends and EndNote.

  • Collect

    Quickly add digital documents to the GTD©-like inbox of DEVONthink without interrupting your flow. Organize them later. Drag documents to DEVONthink's icon in the Dock or use its services, the Take Note panel, the print-to-PDF feature, or the Clip to DEVONthink web browser extension. The Sorter lets you capture files when DEVONthink is not open.

  • Research

    When you do research on the web, do it right — with DEVONagent Pro. You choose your search engines and type the query, our app does the tedious rest. Get smart text summaries with all the hard facts but without all the noise. Capture interesting stuff directly in your DEVONthink inbox, always with a link to the original source. Find related material already on your computer with DEVONsphere Express.

  • Organize

    DEVONthink actively helps organize your notes, documents, articles, literature, or links. Its unique AI technology suggests groups or tags for your data, and it learns with every new document you add to a group or assign a tag. Multiple views, smart groups, and our innovative smart tagging approach give you the power and the freedom you need without sacrificing one or the other.

  • Review

    Review your notes and articles directly in DEVONthink Pro without opening additional apps or panels. Annotate PDF, e.g. magazine or journal articles, with all standard PDF annotation tools and other documents with the Annotation smart template. Add reminders for important items to Calendar, OmniFocus, or Things so that you never forget or miss any deadline.

  • Write

    When all collecting and researching is done then it's time to write: term papers, project reports, the diploma thesis. Gather all your material in a project group (use the prefab project template); replicating leaves the items also in their original place. Use groups or tags to structure the collected information. Then start to write. DEVONthink's fullscreen modes help you stay focused.

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You're not alone

Our apps are your personal study assistants. No more excuses for being unorganized.

Use DEVONthink to:

  • Take notes
  • Collect articles, data, bookmarks
  • Organize, review, and annotate
  • Write term papers and reports

Use DEVONagent to:

  • Find information on the web
  • Clip text and images
  • Keep updated with scheduled searches

Use DEVONsphere Express to quickly find information in your computer related to what you're working on.

Use DEVONthink To Go to take your data with you on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Use a Mac at college or university!

At school your computer is a tool. It needs to be reliable, work anywhere on campus, and be useful for a variety of projects. Macs are just that. Our software is optimized to take full advantage of the OS X operating system and the great Mac hardware. Learn more.

More apps for you

Use DEVONagent and DEVONsphere Express for easy, quick search. Our freeware makes using your Mac more fun.

If you are a student or educator you can purchase our software licenses with 25 percent educational discount. Apply here.