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"But for any writer worthy of the name there are moments during the writing process when the rest of the planet might as well have gone to Venus. And those moments are not for sale." — Maria Lenhart. Our tools help you create more of these valuable moments by taking care of all the tedious parts of researching, collecting thoughts and ideas, structuring the information, and using it to fuel your writing.

  • Take notes

    Whenever a new idea crosses your mind, write it down in DEVONthink before it is gone. Open the Take Note panel with a single keystroke and start typing, create a new rich text document in your inbox, or use the Dashboard. DEVONthink even adds Wiki-style links to related documents automatically. Use the prefab templates for taking styled notes or writing journals, or make your own (smart) templates.

  • Research

    DEVONagent Pro is the best tool for finding new info or checking facts on the web. You choose where to search and type the query, our app does the tedious rest. Get smart text summaries with all the hard facts but without the noise. No more manual scanning of result lists. Capture interesting stuff directly in your DEVONthink inbox, always with a link to the original source, and review it later. Our tools are designed to support your workflow, not interrupt it.

  • Collect

    Quickly add everything digital you want to keep to the GTD©-like Inbox of DEVONthink without interrupting your flow. Organize the information later. Use DEVONthink Pro Office and a compatible document scanner like a Fujitsu ScanSnap to scan and convert newspaper articles to searchable PDFs. From DEVONagent Pro capture interesting articles, pictures, or links with a single click.

  • Review

    Review your collected notes and other data directly in DEVONthink without opening additional apps or windows. Annotate PDF, e.g. magazine or journal articles, with all standard PDF annotation tools and other documents with the "Annotation" smart template. Tag items to quickly find them again later using smart groups. Mark important words or phrases in rich text documents and link them to other documents in your database. DEVONsphere Express provides you with other documents related to what you're working on.

  • Organize

    DEVONthink actively helps organize your notes, articles, references, and bookmarks. Its unique AI technology suggests groups or tags for your data, and it learns with every new document you add to a group or assign a tag. Multiple views, smart groups, and the innovative smart tagging approach give you the power and the freedom you need without sacrificing one or the other.

  • Write

    When all the collecting and researching and structuring is done it's time to do what you really want to do. Create a new rich text document, switch to DEVONthink's document full-screen mode, and let the flow take over.

    Use the free WordService to quickly reformat text, clean up formatting, change case, sort lists, or get statistics on selected text. And if there's something to calculate use CalcService to do it within the text.

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Your personal assistants

Keep your notes, references, and bookmarks organized effortlessly with DEVONthink. Search for more info with DEVONagent.

Use DEVONthink to:

  • Take notes
  • Collect articles, data, bookmarks
  • Organize your material
  • Write undistracted

Use DEVONagent to:

  • Search on the web
  • Capture anything of interest
  • Keep updated with scheduled searches

Use DEVONsphere Express to quickly find information in your computer related to what you're working on.

Add useful word processing functions to any Mac app including DEVONthink with the free WordService and CalcService.

Steven Berlin Johnson, US bestseller author and New York Times writer, uses DEVONthink for collecting and organizing text snippets, notes, and quotations. He wrote about it in the essay "Tool for Thought" in the New York Times.

Bestseller author Michael Chabon used DEVONthink Pro for "The Yiddish Policemen's Union".

Science-fiction writer Tobias Buckell manages the research he does for any of his books in DEVONthink. Click here to read Tobias' user portrait.

Trevor Corson, bestselling author and America's only Sushi Concierge: "I wrote my first book using piles of index cards, reams of Xerox copies, and a word processor. I wrote my second book using DEVONthink -- it was the perfect tool for organizing, referencing, searching and boiling down my 2,700 pages of raw material into a readable story."

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Use DEVONagent and DEVONsphere Express for easy, quick search. Our freeware makes using your Mac more fun.