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New Academic Templates

16. Mai 2014 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

DEVONthink Pro Office power user Luc Beaulieu has created a few standard templates for some key academic activities: Research grants, research contracts, general research projects, new students, new manuscripts, and conferences. And this is how Luc’s workflow looks like:

I have been a user of DevonThink Pro Office for a number of years now and made it a central part of my digital workflow. Over time, I naturally my organization toward a project-based hierarchy, trying to self contains all key information regarding a particular project into a DTPO group and sub-group structure. So I keep what I call an Ongoing database, which have all of my ongoing projects: manuscripts and other documents being written, financed research projects and contracts as principal investigators, other research projects as co-applicants or collaborators, courses that I teach and so on. If it’s completed, it’s archived and thus pull put of the Ongoing database.

Learn more about Luc’s workflow in his e-office article series. He published his templates in his own blog. Thank you for these great templates, Luc!