SummerFest 2021

24. Juni 2021 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — DEVONtechnologies and eleven like-minded makers of genuine Mac software have teamed up for their traditional summer celebration of hand-crafted software for writers, designers, and thinkers. All products are made by small, independent software manufacturers and designed to work together. During SummerFest they sell for a good but sustainable discount.

Customers get any of the participating products with the exclusive discount directly in the respective company’s online shop by using the common coupon code SUMMERFEST2021. More information about this year’s SummerFest is available on

For a limited time, DEVONtechnologies, Aeon Timeline, Apparent Software, Eastgate Software, Houdah Software, Literature and Latte, Mellel, Nisus Software, ProVUE Development, SmallCubed, Smile, and Sonny Software offer their applications and ebooks all for a great price and directly from the people who make them:

  • Aeon Timeline: The timeline tool for creative thinking
  • Bookends: The reference manager you’ve been looking for
  • DEVONthink: Your powerful information and knowledge manager
  • DEVONagent Pro: Your smart (re)search assistant
  • HoudahGeo: Photo geocoding and geotagging for Mac
  • ImageFramer Pro: Add creative borders and frames to photos
  • Mellel: A real word processor
  • Nisus Writer Pro: The powerful word processor for Mac
  • Panorama X: Collect, organize, and understand your data
  • PDFpen: Powerful PDF editing
  • Scrivener: Your complete writing studio
  • SmallCubed Mail Suite: Manage mail like a maven
  • Tembo: Friendly file search assistant
  • TextExpander: Recall your best words, instantly, repeatedly
  • Tinderbox: Visualize and organize your notes, plans, and ideas
  • Trickster: Your recently used files, at your fingertips
  • The Tinderbox Way: The definitive ebook on artisanal software

SummerFest is not a traditional bundle but a cooperation of independent software developers dedicated to creating useful, solid software for writing, creating, and researching on the Mac. Each product found here is the work of a small team or individual Mac developer knowing the workflows and challenges of their customers. They all bring devoted craftsmanship to a field too often dominated by corporate blandness.

The tool does not make the craftsman, but choosing the right tool is part of the craft. We are all blessed with an operating system that comes with the tools you needed to get started, but there comes a point where we’d rather use a chisel than keep chipping away with a pocket knife. SummerFest is your opportunity to trade up to tools designed for your craft.

Pierre Bernard, Houdah Software

Information technology is taking over more and more aspects of our lives and software has become the central element. With the expansion of the software business came also concentration on fewer and much larger players. But you don’t set up individual workflows, do fine-tuned research, or solve non-standard problems with standard software. SummerFest is all about independent software makers that understand what their customers’ challenges are. And their products show this.

Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann, DEVONtechnologies

All participating companies offer discounts on their SummerFest products. For DEVONthink and DEVONagent Pro the 25% discount can also be used for purchasing upgrades but cannot be combined with other others like, e.g., the student & educators discount. SummerFest 2021 officially starts on June 24th and ends on July 13th, 2021. Participating companies may choose to keep their offer open longer.

More Information

Customers can find more information about the promotion on the official SummerFest page.


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