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How to Create a Note with Shortcuts

April 13, 2021 — Jim Neumann
Note in DEVONthink To Go with multiple images

From time to time we get an inquiry about creating notes with multiple images in DEVONthink To Go. Since Markdown is a mobile-native format, I suggested and built an iOS Shortcut as a starting point.

Download the shortcut here: Images to Markdown.

When the shortcut runs, it will…

  1. Prompt for the subject of the note.
  2. Let you choose images from the Photos library.
  3. Import the images to the Global Inbox.
  4. Create a Markdown image link for each image.
  5. Create a Markdown document in the Global Inbox with the links already added.
  6. Opens the Markdown document for you to inspect and continue editing.

While functional, this shortcut also serves as a good example of a process automated with DEVONthink To Go’s native Shortcut actions. Feel free to make a copy, open it up, and change it as you wish. We hope you find some use for it too!