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Can you merge multiple customer accounts?

How do I get a password?

What do I do when I don't own that email address anymore?

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Can I buy already during the trial month?

Can I switch from subscription to a one time purchase?

Can I use family sharing?

Does my one-time purchase expire?

How do I buy with academic discount?

How do I upgrade to DEVONthink To Go 3?

Where do I find DEVONthink for Mac?

Where do I find DEVONthink To Go 2?

Where do I find my license code?

Why is an app not available in my country?


Do I need DEVONthink on the Mac too?

How safe is my data on my iOS device?

What data is available in Spotlight?

What do the shown storage sizes mean?

What if Spotlight shows no results?

Where are my DEVONthink To Go backups?

Why can't I sync via USB?

Why is there no A.I. in DEVONthink To Go?


Can I get a discount when the promo is already over?

Can I get an academic discount?

Can I get a trial time extension?

Can I switch a subscription to a one-time purchase?

How can I use a coupon code as a student or educator?

How do I activate or deactivate a seat?

How do I enter my license into DEVONsphere Express?

How do I get an invoice for my purchase?

How do I purchase an upgrade?

On how many computers can I use my license?

Where do I find my licenses?

Why am I missing features I purchased?


Can I use Alfred, Launchbar, Hazel, etc. with DEVONthink?

Can I use DEVONthink for Mac also on iOS?

Can I use my scanner with DEVONthink?

Can we put databases on a file server for our team?

Did I download the wrong edition of DEVONthink?

Does DEVONthink copy my files and can I delete the originals?

Do I have to worry about "corrupting" my databases?

Do I have to worry about getting "locked in"?

Do I need to make more than one database?

How big can my DEVONthink database be?

How can we use DEVONthink together in our team?

How do I completely uninstall an app?

How do I scan with my ScanSnap scanner?

How do I switch from application X to DEVONthink?

Where are my DEVONthink databases?

Where does DEVONthink backup my databases?

Where do I find system requirements?

Where is DEVONsphere Express?

Where is the Mail plugin on macOS Sonoma or later?

Which is the right edition of DEVONthink for me?

Why can't I import email from Outlook?

Why can't I import from Evernote?

Why is DEVONthink reporting my database is already open?

Why is Mail saying DEVONthink's plugin is incompatible?

Why should I give your applications Full Disk Access?


Can I use some other app's data?

I have a problem with an app. Should I reinstall it?

Should I update to the latest operating system?

When I clip a web page I only get a bookmark?

When is the next release?

Why doesn't your app support feature X?


Can't I use sync for backups?

Can I use multiple Dropbox accounts?

Can I use OneDrive, Google Drive, …?

Do I have to sync whole databases?

How do I switch sync methods?

How safe is my data during a sync?

I have lost my encryption key. Can you recover it?

What is CloudKit and should I switch to it?

Why isn't sync working?