Your Data, Always at Your Fingertips

DEVONthink To Go for iOS

If you're serious about working on iOS, DEVONthink To Go is your document repository when you're not at your Mac. Collect, organize, edit, and annotate. Automate with Shortcuts. Keep your document collection always in sync between your Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Privately and securely.

DEVONthink To Go lets you take your important documents with you on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Browse PDFs, notes, images, bookmarks, and just about any file type, neatly organized into databases and groups. View many types of them without opening them in another app.

Keep all your documents together in one place, and organized.

Edit texts, Markdown files, or rich text documents, or open files in other apps if the built-in editing capabilities are not sufficient. Read web pages as if they were local documents.

Clip data from Safari and just about any other iOS app.

Clip data from web pages or just any iOS app through the Share menu. DEVONthink To Go is also deeply integrated into the Files app so that your databases appear like a local file system to other apps. Save files, via Files and iOS’ file provider mechanism, directly to DEVONthink To Go. Use drag-and-drop both inside the app as well as with other apps.

Like DEVONthink for Mac, DEVONthink To Go offers many ways to organize your document collection. Sort documents into groups, add them to more than one group at a time without duplicating them, or add tags. Flag items, mark them as unread, or give them a star rating. Predefined smart groups show you, e.g., all your flagged or unread documents. Find what you’re looking for with fast full-text search.

DEVONthink To Go lets you organize your data your way. OCR makes your scans searchable.

Annotate PDFs with all common tools and annotation types. Rearrange pages, rotate or delete them. Run scans, PDFs or images, through the built-in, on-device text recognition (OCR) to make them searchable.

Add links to your documents to all apps that take web addresses, e.g. OmniFocus or Apple Notes, or export your documents in their original file formats to the Files app and all other apps that support it.

Sync your data between all your devices, fast and securely.

DEVONthink To Go is best used with DEVONthink for Mac and on multiple devices. Synchronize your databases securely and privately over the local network or through a cloud service of your choice. You decide what data is synced, when, and where. Strong encryption makes sure that your data belongs to you, not to your service provider or us.

Don’t do the same task over and over again. Automate your workflow with Shortcuts, DEVONthink To Go, and your other apps.

Shortcuts lets you automate repetitive tasks without becoming a programmer. Use DEVONthink To Go’s Shortcuts actions to integrate it with other apps. Set up workflows with all the steps from creating new documents to reorganizing your databases along rules you set up.

What’s new in DEVONthink To Go 3

Dark mode OCR
Multiple windows on iPad Shortcuts support
Context menus CloudKit-based sync
Unified inboxes, trashes, tags More smart groups
Ratings and annotations Improved search

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The Porsche of all systems used for Paperless living. I use it for all my documents, now 31,000 in total. Made by Germans, always works and works well! Except for Mail and Safari my most used app.

@Basilfawlty, App Store