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How to Track Your Time

August 16, 2021 — Jim Neumann

We spend a lot of time on our computers. Some of that time is very productive. And some of it is… well, “less productive”. Perhaps you need to see some simple metrics on your computer usage. Or maybe you’re just curious about your what apps in which you spend the most time. Another little utility from our friends at Media Atelier is a nice free option .

Usage is a menubar application that tracks the time you spend in applications. It’s not tracking windows and documents, but gives you a view into how much time you spend in certain applications. The app provides a nice graph and a list of the top ten, with access to the others by clicking “Show All”. From this longer list you can see daily, weekly, and monthly tallies.

If you’re curious about your total computer usage, in the monthly view it lists the total number of hours logged. Some of the data may surprise you!