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DEVONagent 3.9.3 with New Scripts & El Capitan Fixes

November 12, 2015 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

OS X El Capitan adds some technologies for enhanced security and DEVONagent 3.9.3 adds the necessary support for it. We’ve fixed a few bugs related to El Capitan, too. That being not enough we’ve added three scripts to DEVONagent Pro that integrate it better with Safari. It also plays videos fullscreen now.

Links in PDF reports created by DEVONagent Pro 3.9.3 work more reliably. All three editions of DEVONagent update also the Stack Overflow and EUR-Lex plugins. The visually impaired will like the improved VoiceOver support.

Read the full news here. We recommend these free updates to all users. Get the new versions directly by using the apps’ update function or our Download page. If you purchased the software on the App Store, use the App Store application to update your copy.