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New: Take Control of Your Paperless Office

February 11, 2011 —

A while ago we worked with Take Control Ebooks to bring you Take Control of Getting Started with DEVONthink 2 as an addition to our built-in documentation. We asked Joe Kissell to write the ebook as he is not only an avid DEVONthink user but also a great tech writer who knows how to explain things to non-techie people.

Now Take Control Books have published a new book by Joe Kissell: Take Control of Your Paperless Office. Here’s what the publishers say about it:

Join Joe Kissell as he helps you clear up the chaos of an office overflowing with paper. With Joe’s guidance you can develop a personal clean-up strategy and choose your Mac-compatible tools—a document scanner and the software you need to perform OCR (optical character recognition), devices and services for storing your digitized documents, and tools to categorize, locate, and view your digital document collections. Once you have your gear in hand, Joe then shows you convert your paper documents to digitized files and gives you ideas for how to organize your office workflow, explaining how to develop the day-to-day techniques that reduce the amount of time you spend pressing buttons, launching software, and otherwise managing your war on clutter.

Naturally Joe also mentions DEVONthink Pro Office in his new, comprehensive, and easy-to-read, book. And because we think it’s valuable stuff for anyone using DEVONthink Pro Office for managing their paperless office we have also added it to our online shop (US $10). Click here to get your copy!