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The Most Human Human

December 28, 2011 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

Still nothing to read during the holidays? If you are interested in artificial intelligence, the Turing Test, and chatbots and would like to read something that makes you think have a look at Brian Christian’s ”The Most Human Human”. Here’s what Laura Miller says about it in her article, Can Computers Truly Think?:

But the advantage of a book like “The Most Human Human” is that even when it’s wrong, it does make you think. Reading it, I constantly found my mind pinging off of whatever Christian was discussing and into flights of exploratory speculation about the amount of information encoded in the seemingly routine exchanges of small talk or the reasons why it’s much harder to tell a false story in reverse chronological order. It’s an unusual book whose primary gift lies in distracting you from itself. I’d like to see the computers come up with something like that.