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Thinking of the Others

November 30, 2006 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

While many people, especially in Germany, are complaining at the moment about everything becoming worse, this perception is distorted. Yes, some managers sack thousands of people only to drive their company’s shareholder value into even higher heights. The German health care system reform is a mess. And unemployment is dropping very slowly. But, from a meta perspective, this is clearly “Lamenting at the Top Level.” For people in many other regions of this World, our wealth and our high standard of living is beyond imagination.

Knowing that it’s just a drop in the ocean, we are nevertheless donating ten percent of our December revenue again this year. We are supporting UNICEF, they are helping to protect children living in the streets of Moscow, St. Petersburg and elsewhere in Russia. These homeless children are living in secret places under bridges, old railway buildings, or factories and live from begging and often also prostitution. Many of them are addicted to drugs and are infected with AIDS.

Without children there is no future; noone and nothing requires more protection than they do.

Read more about UNICEF’s engagement in Russia here.