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30. November 2021

So bewegen Sie indizierte Dateien

Bildschirmfoto des Pfad-Menüs im Info-Inspektor.

Es gibt zwei Wege, um Daten in DEVONthink zu bringen: Importieren und Indizieren. Importieren kopiert Dateien in Ihre Datenbanken. Indizieren belässt die Dateien an ihrem Ort im Finder, macht sie aber auch in der Datenbank verfügbar. Allerdings kann es passieren, dass die Dateien in der Datenbank als „fehlend“ erscheinen, nachdem man sie im Finder an einen anderen Ort bewegt hat. Hier ein Tipp, wie Sie diese Situation erfolgreich handhaben. (mehr)

16. November 2021

So verwenden Sie die versteckten Einstellungen

Versteckte Einstellungen in der integrierten Hilfe.

DEVONthink is well known for being a highly configurable application with an abundance of preferences options. However, not all preferences are as broadly needed but may be useful to a smaller but still substantial group. To address this, DEVONthink has some hidden preferences available. (mehr)

21. November 2017

Help Our Support with Screencaptures

When sending in support tickets, it is often very useful to attach screencaptures for us to look at. Sometimes the words you use aren’t the words we’d use and the real issue can be unclear. A screencapture is indeed worth 1,000 words, in many cases. (mehr)

12. Mai 2010

Take Control of Permissions

When strange things happen on a Mac, like settings not being stored, license codes not being accepted, or DEVONthink databases behaving unexpectedly, file permissions could be the cause. UNIX permissions and Access Control Lists (ACLs) define what the logged-in user and the applications opened by her can do with items in the file system. If you want to learn more about permissions, have a look at Take Control’s new ebook Take Control of Permissions in Snow Leopard which explains this geeky subject in easy language and hands-on manner.

13. November 2007

Correct File Permissions

Sometimes, file permissions go bad and leave ‘locked’ or ‘used’ files behind. If this happens to your DEVONthink Pro database, the application will continue to claim that the database is in use. If you are savvy with file permissions, use either the Finder’s Info panel or the Terminal to correct them. Make sure to adjust the permissions of all files in the package. A trick that also seems to work in some cases is to duplicate the database in the Finder and open the copy instead.