Press Releases

October 7, 2021

DEVONthink 3.8

Screenshot showing the Mentions inspector of DEVONthink.

DEVONtechnologies updates its documentation and information manager DEVONthink to version 3.8. A new integrity check makes sure files are healthy and unaltered. Mentions reveal more relationships between documents and a whole bunch of enhancements make especially editing Markdown more comfortable. JavaScript is a new option for automating DEVONthink. The update also cleans up the preferences and adds many new menu commands, keyboard shortcuts, and AppleScript commands and properties. (more)

September 13, 2021

DEVONthink To Go 3.2

Screenshot of DEVONthink To Go showing a context menu with the new filter options.

DEVONtechnologies releases DEVONthink To Go 3.2, the iOS counterpart to its Mac-based document and information management solution DEVONthink. The update brings a reading list, extends the search language, and adds support for popular Markdown extensions. Lists can be sorted and customized in many new ways, and the improved Shortcuts support makes automating DEVONthink To Go easier than ever. (more)

August 30, 2021

Back to School 2021

From September 1st through 19th, 2021, DEVONtechnologies gives students and educators a head start into the new school year with 40% discount on all Mac apps. DEVONthink helps them collect and organize their papers, references, snippets. And DEVONagent assist them with their research by finding information on the internet no matter how well it is hidden. (more)

July 20, 2021

Summer Updates

DEVONtechnologies updates its professional web research assistant DEVONagent, the smart desktop search DEVONsphere Express, and DEVONthink To Go, the iOS and iPadOS counterpart to its Mac-based document and information management solution DEVONthink. All applications receive improvements to their functionality, performance, and reliability. (more)

June 24, 2021

SummerFest 2021

DEVONtechnologies and eleven like-minded makers of genuine Mac software have teamed up for their traditional summer celebration of hand-crafted software for writers, designers, and thinkers. All products are made by small, independent software manufacturers and designed to work together. During SummerFest they sell for a good but sustainable discount. (more)