You write, your Mac does the rest: Before an article is published or a podcast airs, a lot of research, collecting, reviewing, and organizing has been done. Our products are designed to actively assist you with all these tasks.


Build the Base

Every publication starts with collected materials. The GTD®-like inbox of DEVONthink and its many other tools make collecting easy. Wherever the material comes from, one click later it’s in your inbox. Later review, organize, and use it for your story.

Capture texts or links from any application into your global inbox with a single click. File them later.


Enrich Your Story

If you don’t have enough material, start (re)searching with DEVONagent Pro. Get smart summaries that filter out the noise. Review the results and send the good ones to your DEVONthink inbox. DEVONsphere Express finds other related data on your Mac.

You decide where to search and what to look for, DEVONagent Pro does the tedious part of the work for you.


Reduce to the Facts

After the research it’s time for the review. DEVONthink shows many file types including all that Quick Look supports. Browse bookmarks without switching to Safari. Then use smart tags to mark important clippings, images, or bookmarks — or trash them with a keystroke.

DEVONthink lets you view most files and web pages without having you switch between apps.


Stay Organized

Organize your material for your story. Smart templates help you getting started. Use groups or tags, or both, to keep everything for your article together. DEVONthink assists you by suggesting tags or groups. You can even add items to multiple projects using replicants.

Tags and groups in DEVONthink are interchangeable. Use either or both to adapt them to a perfect workflow for you.


Become a Bestseller Author

Write your story, outline, or blog posting completely undistracted in DEVONthink’s document fullscreen mode. Just the text and you. Add formatting, tables, pictures, and hyperlinks. Publish by copying to your CMS or use AppleScript to further process your text.

Zoltan Glass — Journalist in a BMW, Paris 1934.